Why Divya Attires?

Divya Attires has a state of the art manufacturing unit that offers a complete range of high quality corporate apparel. We use the best in class machinery and raw material along with stringent quality checks for durability and uniformity, which makes us the right choice for any business

How do I place an order? Can I place an order online?

You can order online, on call or by meeting with a sales rep at your place. Regardless of how you order, a sales rep will send you an order confirmation / invoice after you have provided the necessary information.

How do I make the payment?

You can pay by cheque/cash/DD at the time the order is placed. 50% of the order value should be paid on confirmation and 50% on delivery. We do not accept payments through credit cards and debit cards for the moment. On receiving confirmation we complete your order and ship it out within 3 to 4 weeks.

Why are there no prices on this site?

We offered highly customized products, based on the specifications you need, thus a generalized quote cannot be applied to all orders. Criteria like quantity ordered, garment style, color, number of colors printed, number of stitches in the design, etc determine the final cost per unit, so we offer a customized quote for each order.

I want to get a sample made and if I am satisfied with it I might place an order. How much would you charge me for a sample?

As making a sample entails as much labor and equipment as a full order, it is not practical for us to offer samples before receiving order conformation. We can provide a sample for your approval on confirmation of the order only.

Can I place a small order? Would that cost me more?

Our minimum order limit for screen printed t-shirts (round necks) is 50 pieces due to the amount of time it takes to set up our automated equipment. If you need a quantity less than the minimum order limit, the cost per unit would be higher because we incur the same cost for manufacturing 15 pieces as we incur on manufacturing 1500 pieces. But we do take small orders and we treat them with the same importance as any other order.

Why do you have a minimum order limit?

The time consumed for order processing, job setup and production remains the same in small and big orders, thus without meeting the minimum quantities we are unable to recover our costs. As we work on a small profit margin its necessary for us to keep a minimum order limit to recover costs incurred.

We need 100 shirts now and a maybe a few pieces later. Will the price per piece be the same for the 2nd order as the first order?

No. Pricing is based completely on the quantity of each order and is not cumulative. Also, if you order the 100 pieces now and need to reorder you must meet the minimum order quantities on the reorder. We advice our clients to always order a few extra units to ensure there are no hassles post the order is made.

What is the general order turnaround time?

It takes 3 to 4 weeks for us to complete an order and ship it out once the final artwork / proof has been approved by you. Depending on where you are in the country, it may take 1 to 7 days for courier services to get your package(s) delivered. If your order is unique and takes longer than 3 to 4 weeks we shall inform you on the same before you place the order.

I would like you to draw up a proof or provide me a sample before I place an order to make sure it is what I want. Can this be done before placing an order?

No. We provide a proof or a sample only once the order is placed. Once we receive the deposit amount from you, we can draw up a proof as per your requirements. At times, the colors or the sizes of the proofs may look different on your computer screen than what they actually are, due to the difference in computer equipment, the proof will be sent to you via e-mail or printed on a piece of fabric. Once we provide you with a proof we will work with you to make changes and get it the way you want before we process the order, this ensures that the end product meets your expectations.

I submitted a quote request online. Several weeks later, I decided to place an order and was told that the price would be more than what I was originally quoted. Why is that?

Quotes are only estimates and are valid for 30 days only beyond this period they are revised. The reason for change in cost could be the change in garment specifications, quantity ordered, change in logo and design, etc.